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My Creations?

2017-06-29 15:44:19 by TecKnight


Hi. I am TecKnight! This is stuff I like to do! xD :

-I am very into dubstep and electronic music, therefore I will probably make this the most.​ I am quite certain that I will soon finish/get close to finishing some projects soon, and I will upload them here to see if anyone likes them (or even cares xD ).

-In terms of other creations, I used to be very interested in creating games and coding, so you might see some of that from me in the future? I don't know. Other things I like to create include artwork (mostly 3d, created in Blender3d) and although I would really love to, I do not currently have Photoshop, so other images would be more difficult to create.

-If there are any great programs out there that anyone knows of that I could use for stuff like this, that would be helpful.

-I do not have (unfortunately) enough CPU processing power to create full-on 3D animations in good quality in acceptable amounts of time, but maybe one day, eh? 

-I am also into playing games and computers (if you couldn't tell!), so message me high-end systems for me to drool over..


I hope I will make stuff people do like on Newgrounds, it would be a dream come true for me! Plz check out any future creations.





i liek memes xD


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